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Shoulder strap thumb Djembe Strap: A djembe strap is indispensable if you want to drum while standing! This strap is made of sleek seatbelt material, and can be adjusted to fit any person or djembe. The breaking strength is several thousand pounds - much more than the weight of your drum! The strap is 2 inches wide, black in colour, and comes with shiny silver-coloured swivel clips. A carabiner is included to attach the strap to your djembe.
$ 34.95 + $9 shipping (add $5 shipping for each additional strap)

waist strap thumb Djembe Waist Strap: A waist strap is ideal if you like to play seated. It keeps the djembe from slipping away from you on smooth floors! It can also be used to carry a dundun while playing it. A clip on each end makes attaching the strap to your drum very easy. The adjustable strap is black, 1.5 inches wide, and fits all sizes of players and drums.
$ 19.95 + $6 shipping (add $4 shipping for each additional strap)

djembe handle Djembe Grab Handle: Use this handsome woven handle to lift your djembe. No more getting your fingers stuck in ropes or under the rim! A clip on each end makes attaching and detaching the handle very easy.
$ 19.95 + $6 shipping (add $4 shipping for each additional handle)

drum bag zipper pulls Zipper Pulls for your Djembe Bag: These zipper pulls are handy if your djembe bag zipper tabs are broken or hard to find. They are easy to find and easy to pull! Attach them using the circular ring. These zipper pulls also make a useful key fob. Sold as a pack of three. Choose a colour from the drop-down menu (the pictured colour is Autumn Blend).

$ 4.95 + $3 shipping (add $1 shipping for each additional 3-pack)